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Inspirations are meant to be acted upon not ignored.


I gave out a big shout, “God! Please what will I do to better my life and give it a meaning”. I paused, and then just like the flashing of light the idea appeared. ” Just write”. What will I write about? I asked no one in particular but myself. Without waiting for an answer, I quickly stretched my long hands to grab my pen, notebook and began writing.

 I flipped the pages of the notebook to a clean page and began the writing. I paused after penning down a few thoughts but didn’t want to stop. I really wanted to continue and so continued I did. My inspiration to write did not stop – it flowed like a river. I must admit I was enjoying it.  post

The inspiration to do many things come at different stages of our lives. Ones inspiration may be Subtle, Loud, Dreamy, Hint, etc. But in all, an inspiration is an inspiration. However it might be, it needs action to boost it up and build it up. When an inspiration is lacking in action, it leads to a bigger problem. When I had the inspiration to write, it was subtle. The message was “just write”. If I had doubted it for a second that would have been the end to the inspiration. But rather than being doubtful, I went on with Faith and added action to it. The result was an activity that gave me pleasure and a positive peace of mind.

Forbes Now: How This Woman Went From Broke To Traveling Full-Time And Making Lots Of Money

Forbes Now: How This Woman Went From Broke To Traveling Full-Time And Making Lots Of Money. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwgIOr-jk

Confidence is a personal battle

Ones level of confidence – high or low is a decision you have to make and move with it.  Your confidence can only be harness to a large extent by your true self. Confidence is a deeper belief in oneself, abilities, creativity and intelligence.  Working out your confidence level from low to high can only be cultivated by you.  It is possible that you may face obstacles on the way but determination can pave a way to a miracle. 

Never underestimate the power you have within you. Keep harnessing such powers to cultivate  confidence. 


*Do peps: Having Pep talk before the commencement of any task give you a leverage in completing such task successfully. You need to believe in yourself to the extent of saying it out loud to yourself. I do pep talk regularly and has recorded a high success rate. This is one habit I am not thinking of dropping any time soon.   

* Flush out the past: The past no matter how it seem can play a significant role in our confidence especially if it was a painful one.  A painful past can distort ones level of confidence. Thinking of the hurts, humiliation,sorrows,anger, rejection of the past may advertently influence your confidence level.  You have to let go of the past and its woes. It was painful I know, but moving on and thereby leaving the past behind can work more magic for you. 

*Think more of the present and future. See the past as a learning ground; a stage you have to pass through to be successful in the present and future. The pains of the past may creep in sometimes but when it comes, counter it with something positive from the present.

*Positive self-talk: I cannot overemphasise the power in positive self-talks. The power in self-talks is beyond explanation, it’s powerful, enthralling and superior. When others don’t believe in you, do you join them in not believing in yourself? If you do that you are not been true to your unique self. When I use positive self-talks in the midst of confusing and depressing situation, it brings about a positive change instantly.  Use positive words such as; I am unique, I am the wisest person on the surface of the earth, I am smart and will pull this through, I have something to offer to the world. 

*Make friends with the right people: The more positive friends you keep, the happy you will be.  It is a simply equation,  be friends with people that have the same aspirations and goals as you. 

      Conclusion: You can make it happen,  just believe.